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Jane Finnis

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Hardback, ebook
and trade paperback published 2012 in UK
by Head of Zeus

American cover of DANGER IN THE WIND
Print and ebook published 2011 in USA by Poisoned Pen Press

American cover of BURIED TOO DEEP
Print and ebook editions published 2008 and 2011 in USA by Poisoned Pen Press

American cover of A BITTER CHILL
Print editions published 2005 and 2011 in USA by Poisoned Pen Press; now also an ebook

American cover of GET OUT OR DIE
Original edition of GET OUT OR DIE, published 2003 in USA by Poisoned Pen Press

Welcome to my website, and I hope you are keeping at least one of the New Year resolutions you made last month...to continue reading plenty of mysteries, whatever the weather or time of year.

My Aurelia Marcella mysteries, published in the USA by Poisoned Pen Press and in the UK, Australia and New Zealand by Head of Zeus, tell of life and death in first-century Roman Britain. The turbulent province of Britannia on the very edge of the Roman Empire makes a good background for murder and mayhem. They all feature innkeeper Aurelia as a reluctant sleuth.

They are available in print and as ebooks: the choice is yours. You can buy them individually in all ebook formats, and there's a box set of the first three of Aurelia's adventures in a single ebook collection, published by Head of Zeus in London. Full details of the various electronic formats and where to buy them are at aureliamarcella.com

In SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT, the first in the sequence, we learn how Aurelia was originally drawn into solving crimes, and the danger she found herself in as a result. We meet her family at their mansio (inn) near York, and encounter the varied mixture of people who live in northern Britannia: Roman settlers and soldiers, native British tribesmen, some friendly and some hostile...and of course several characters who are not at all what they seem.

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT is published in hardback, trade paperback and all formats of ebook in the UK. The paperback isn't as widely distributed here as the hardback, but you can order it from your favourite bookshop, or better still, buy signed copies from my website. Full details are on my book order page.

Whet your appetite by reading the first few pages of SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT, and see
what the reviewers say

UK print versions of the later Aurelia books aren't out yet, but all of them will continue to be published in the USA by Poisoned Pen Press, and available for UK readers from on-line bookstores, or you can buy signed copies from my website. Visit the book order page.

And if you like to read by listening, the first three in the series are available as MP3 audiobooks from this website. Order an audiobook here.

I also have some short stories published in anthologies, and I'm in stellar company -short mysteries are a wonderful way to sample the work of writers you haven't read before, and of course writers you already know and want to read again.

Find me on Twitter. And while you are surfing,
try some of my favourite websites.

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cover of Guilty Parties
The 2014 Crime
Writers' Association mystery anthology published by Severn House

cover of Guilty Consciences
The 2011 Crime Writers' Association anthology of mystery  short stories published by Severn House

cover of Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits
Published 2003
in UK by Robinson
and in USA
by Carroll & Graf