Short Stories

Bound By Mystery

bound by mystery cover
Poisoned Pen Press¬†published an anthology to mark their 20th anniversary in 2017. It’s a terrific mixture, with 35 of their authors contributing. I’m delighted to be among them.

My story is about innkeeper Aurelia Marcella, the central character and reluctant sleuth of my four Roman Britain novels. Aurelia runs an inn near York, and is used to welcoming all kinds of customers. When a famous gladiator comes to stay, she and her household are thrilled to have such a glamorous guest…until the excitement turns to horror.


Guilty Parties

guilty parties
The 2014 Crime Writers’ Association mystery anthology published April 30 2014 by Severn House.

The 24 stories in this anthology are by members of Britain’s Crime Writers’ Association. The CWA produces a short-mystery anthology every year, and the 2014 collection is edited, like all the recent CWA collections in the series, by award-inning author Martin Edwards. It contains a wonderful mixture of styles, settings, and sleuths – indeed something for everyone.

My story, TELL IT TO THE BEES, has its roots in my childhood when our family kept beehives. I, like the story’s narrator, used to go and talk to the bees…though happily I never found myself in the situation she ends up in.


Guilty Consciences

cover of Guilty Consciences
An anthology of mystery short stories, published Nov 2011 by Severn House.

Another great collection of short sharp mysteries, 17 in all, from Britain’s Crime Writers’ Association, edited by author Martin Edwards.

My story, ALL THAT GLISTERS, is set in the modern big-business jungle of corporate London, but there are shadows from the past, including from the remote early British world of 2000 years ago. Then as now, gold may not always be what it seems.


Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits

Image of Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits cover
Published 2003 by Robinson (UK) and Carroll & Graf (USA). Available in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon USA and UK

Here are 20 stories spanning eight centuries of Roman history. It is edited by Edgar award winner Mike Ashley, and contributors include Steven Saylor, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, Lindsey Davis, Rosemary Rowe, John Maddox Roberts, Marilyn Todd, Caroline Lawrence, and a whole lot more.

My story, THE CLEOPATRA GAME, is set in the 70s AD in Rome itself. A young Egyptian heiress wants to imitate the legendary Queen Cleopatra in everything she does, but at a banquet to celebrate her betrothal to the handsome patrician Marcus, she goes too far, and tragedy results. Rufus the bodyguard must discover whether a childish game of make-believe has got out of hand, or whether someone has used the occasion to commit a cold-blooded murder.