Jane at Roman FestivalWelcome to what is supposed to be my diary page. My diary, like everyone else’s in lockdown,is pretty empty at the moment. Book events and festivals have everywhere had to be cancelled. I’m particularly sad about the loss of the Eboracum Roman Festival, scheduled for the end of May 2020, one of my favourite annual gatherings. But though my pace of life has slowed down, I’ve been keeping busy writing and publishing.

My next book is due out this summer, and I’m publishing it in partnership with Matador. It’s a collection of Roman mysteries called A PINCH OF PURE CUNNING. I’m just putting the finishing touches to it. More details soon. Watch this space!

Rosie among blossomsMeanwhile our garden looks wonderful, thanks to my husband Richard. We and our dog Rosie have been enjoying it, and the woods just behind us, where the wild flowers brighten up our daily exercise. We feel very lucky to have so much space.

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