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Jane at Palmyra
Welcome to my diary page, where I intend to tell the world about future plans and past happenings. The only thing is…this is a quiet time for me, with not much happening at all. I’m enjoying the chance for reading and planning future work, as well as taking advantage of the British summer, when there is any! I’m continuing to add to my collection of mystery short stories which I’ll be publishing as an e-book, and right now I’m sorting out one which is Roman, but not about Aurelia Marcella. It features my lovely (well I think so!) bodyguard character Rufus, who first appeared in THE CLEOPATRA GAME. He can travel far more widely than Aurelia, and this time I’ve sent him with his boss to Palmyra, which I visited some years ago and loved. This photo, taken by my husband, shows how spectacular its Roman ruins were…until recently when barbarians destroyed so much there. It’s sad to think those savages don’t have a sense of history, otherwise they’d realise that the Roman Empire was far more than stones and bricks, and its heritage will outlast them.

Dates for your Mystery Diary

August 18-20 2017: St. Hilda’s Mystery & Crime Weekend, Oxford.
This year’s theme is “Another Crime, Another Place: the role of location in Crime Fiction”. More information from the conference website

May 17-20 2018: CrimeFest, Bristol.
The UK’s premier international crime festival goes from strength to strength, yet has never lost its friendly atmosphere. Information about next year’s CrimeFest from: www.crimefest.com where you can sign up for their regular emailed newsletter to keep you up-to-date.

June 3-7 2018: Eboracum Roman Festival.

July 2018, date tbc: Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate.
There’s always something for everyone in this elegant Yorkshire town, including plenty of Old Peculier (in case you didn’t know, that’s a good Yorkshire beer, not a comment on the convention.)

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